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Skylia is for all visual artists and for all those that love visual art. It is an online venue that allows any artist to showcase and sell their work - and where anyone can then buy that work. Whatever your background and practice, be it student, amateur, or professional or whichever, every artist should be given the chance to exhibit their work and to turn professional through selling that work. Skylia gives you that opportunity.

There are NO joining or registration fees. There are no subscription fees - not monthly, not quarterly, not anually, not ever. There are no listing or exhibition fees. An artist can join, create a personal account whereby he/she is given an online gallery/exhibition space to submit as many works he/she likes for FREE.

The only fee you will ever incur is a competitive rate of commission on any work(s) sold through the site. We deemed this the fairest way to operate so that we won't make a profit if you're not making a profit yourself. That's it - no hidden sting!

Skylia aims to meet a requirement whereby practising visual artists can exhibit and trade professionally in a secure, scam-free, art-reverential internet environment - and in turn, where anyone can buy original art with confidence.